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I guess you can still call us  newlyweds. LOL...  I’ve been married for 2 years to my wonderful husband.

In the evenings we usually hang out on the couch and catch up on T.V.  Our current rotation includes The Bachelor and Married at First Sight. These are definitely my guilty pleasures!  

I've been married for 2 years

When I’m not out capturing the world I enjoy cooking.  In 2018 I started a plant based diet.  I went strictly vegan then made a few adjustments.  Eating plant based has opened up an entire new world of flavors.  Cooking has gotten a lot more exciting.  I also enjoy taking photos of my food. 

Plant based living

Swiss chard with grits

Swiss Chard and grits Vegan Food-1.jpg

Love a good


Photographer Rae Holloway Collins Drinki
Photographer Rae Holloway Collins listen

Can't live without my ipad

Music & Podcast

I like to start my mornings off by  listening to inspirational content. While working at my desk you might catch me singing at the top of my lungs to 90’s r&b. Both music and podcasts are a major part of my day. Top podcast Dave Ramsey and Purpose to Create.

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Award Winning

2020 Was most certainly a year like no other . I took to the streets to document the protest in Columbus, Ohio.  The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) acknowledged my work with a grant. 

Summer 2020 Protest

Women Holding Protesting Sign Columbus O
Women Protesting Columbus Ohio-1.jpg
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